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De verdwenen boodschapper van Jeroen Bosch

Thomas op avontuur in 's-Hertogenbosch  

Een stadssafari


Tobey went to 's-Hertogenbosch to visit his grandparents.  He met the famous painter Hieronymus Bosch and helps him to find a missing character.  He meets lots of creatures along the way; some kind and some very scary.

Will he succeed?


The book includes a map with the route Tobey walked.You can follow in his footsteps and try to find all the animals in town, or read the book at home and follow the trail on the map.


You can find a copy of the book in book shop Heinen, in the VVV Tourist office and in the Hieronymus Bosch museum gift shop


and even for children's yoga,

enjoying lots of animal asanas.

A great idea from Janneke Bazelmans.

as a guide book;

follow Tobey's trail and

find all the animals,


De verdwenen boodschapper van Jeroen Bosch can be used as:


a story book to read out loud (even in Australia!)

boodschapperaustralie Sebnat2 yoga boschcover